City of Mountain View  
Development Review Committee  
Plaza Conference Room, 500 Castro St., Mountain View,  
CA 94041  
Wednesday, June 7, 2023  
2:00 PM  
Request for a Planned Community Permit and Development Review Permit to  
construct a six-story, 168,647 square-foot hotel with 201 guest rooms and a  
two-story, 37,611 square-foot office building, and a Heritage Tree Removal Permit to  
remove 23 Heritage Trees, replacing two commercial office buildings, on a 2.16-acre  
site. This project is located at the northwest corner of Ellis Street and National  
Avenue in the P-41 (East Whisman) Precise Plan.  
Project Planner: Ellen Yau  
How the Development Review Process Works  
The Development Review Committee (DRC) is made up of professional architects chaired by the Deputy Zoning Administrator, who  
reviews proposed large and small planning applications. The DRC reviews the site and architectural design of projects to determine  
whether they are in accordance with the General Plan, specific plans, the Zoning Ordinance, and other City Code requirements and will  
be compatible with the site and surrounding developments to ensure the orderly and harmonious growth of the City.  
In reviewing projects to determine whether they are compatible with the site, the DRC evaluates existing site conditions, including, but  
not limited to, the location of existing trees and structures and environmental conditions to determine how best to site a project. To  
determine if a project will be compatible with surrounding developments, the DRC evaluates the siting of the project as it relates to the  
character of the neighborhood context and the street, the massing of the building structure, and the architectural style and detailing. The  
DRC takes a proactive, hands-on approach to find appropriate design solutions to create the best possible project for the site.  
The DRC makes design recommendations to the Zoning Administrator regarding the site plan and architecture for projects requiring a  
Planned Unit Development, Planned Community Permit, or Development Review Permit.  
At the meeting, the applicant will be asked to make a brief presentation on the proposal. Comments from the public shall be heard after  
the architect’s presentation and prior to the DRC making a recommendation.  
Interested parties may view the agenda and project plans online at: