City of Mountain View  
Administrative Zoning Hearing  
Wednesday, September 13, 2023  
4:00 PM  
Plaza Conference Room, 500 Castro St., Mountain  
View, CA 94041  
This meeting is being conducted with a virtual component. Anyone wishing to address the  
Zoning Administrator virtually may join the meeting at:  
ID: 852 6101 1237.  
When the Zoning Administrator announces the item on which you wish to speak, click on the  
“raise hand” feature in Zoom or dial *9 on your phone. When the Zoning Administrator calls your  
name to provide public comment, if you are participating via phone, please press *6 to unmute  
This portion of the meeting is reserved for persons wishing to address the Zoning Administrator on any matter  
not on the agenda. Speakers are limited to three minutes. State law prohibits the Zoning Administrator from  
acting on non-agenda items.  
Request for a Conditional Use Permit and Development Review Permit to construct a  
new gas station with three (3) dual fueling pumps (providing six total fueling stations), a  
drive-through car wash, and a 531 square foot convenience store on a vacant 0.32-acre  
project site; and a determination that the project has prepared an Initial  
Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration pursuant to the CEQA Guidelines. This project is  
located on the northwest corner of Old Middlefield Way and North Rengstorff Avenue  
in the CS (Commercial-Service) district.  
Project Manager: Phillip Brennan  
Request for a Conditional Use Permit to allow outdoor merchandise use and activities  
for vehicle storage for Mountain View BMW, a Development Review Permit for site  
modifications, including demolition of a 8,924 square foot vacant retail building and  
construction of a new parking lot and landscaping, and a Heritage Tree Removal Permit  
to remove three Heritage trees on an 1.9-acre project site; and a determination that the  
project is categorically exempt pursuant to Section 15332 "In-Fill Development Projects"  
of the CEQA Guidelines. This project is located on the east side of Yuba Drive between  
Centre Street and El Camino Real in the CS (Commercial-Service) district.  
Project Planner: Hang Zhou  
Request for a Heritage Tree Removal Permit to remove one (1) Heritage Tree on a  
0.86-acre site; and a determination that the project is categorically exempt pursuant to  
Section 15304 of the CEQA Guidelines (“Minor Alterations to Land”). This project is  
located east of Clyde Avenue close to the intersection of Clyde Avenue and Maude  
Avenue in P(41) East Whisman Precise Plan.  
Project Planner: Phillip Brennan  
Administrative Zoning Hearings are held regularly on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. and may be held jointly  
with the Subdivision Committee.  
The agenda and staff reports may be viewed online at  
Questions or comments regarding the agenda may be directed to the Zoning Administrator or the Project Planner listed on the agenda for  
the item at (650) 903-6306 or  
The Zoning Administrator may take action on any matter noticed herein. The Zoning Administrator's consideration of and action on the  
matters noticed herein are not limited by the recommendations indicated on the agenda.  
Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if you need special assistance in this meeting, please contact the Planning  
Secretary at (650) 903-6306. Notification of 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure  
accessibility to this meeting. (28 CFR 35.160 (b) (1))  
Interested persons are entitled to speak on any item on the agenda and should make their interest known to the Zoning Administrator.  
Anyone wishing to address the Zoning Administrator or Subdivision Committee on a nonagenda item may do so during the Oral  
Communications portion of the agenda. Speakers are allowed to speak one time on any number of topics for up to three minutes. If there  
appears to be a large number of speakers, the Zoning Administrator may reduce speaking time to no less than 1.5 minutes per speaker.  
Pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.3(b)(1), at least twice the allotted time will be provided to a member of the public who utilizes  
a translator.  
The Zoning Administrator is the approval body for all applications requiring a Conditional Use Permit, Variance, Planned Unit Development,  
Development Review Permit, or Planned Community Permit and can provide a recommended action on permits that require City Council  
The Subdivision Committee is the approval body for all applications requiring a new or modified subdivision map, including lot line  
adjustments, parcel maps, and tentative maps, and can provide a recommendation action on subdivision maps that require City Council  
At the hearing, the applicant/agent will be asked to make a brief presentation on the proposal. Comments from the public shall be heard  
after the Zoning Administrator has opened the public hearing and prior to the Zoning Administrator taking action or making a  
The Zoning Administrator can take the following actions on projects being heard:  
• Conditionally approve the project.  
• Continue the project indefinitely and will be re-noticed.  
• Continue the project to a specific date.  
• Take the project under advisement - pending additional information for staff’s review.  
• Deny the project.  
The decisions of the Zoning Administrator are final unless appealed to the City Council by filing an appeal with the City Clerk within 10  
calendar days of the date of findings. No building permits shall be issued during this 10-day period.