File #: 202667   
Type: Public Hearing Status: Agenda Ready
Meeting Body: City Council
On agenda: 6/13/2023
Title: Google North Bayshore Master Plan
Attachments: 1. Council Report, 2. ATT 1 - Resolution to Certify the Subsequent EIR, 3. ATT 2 - Ordinance for Development Agreement, 4. ATT 3 - Resolution for a Master Plan, 5. ATT 4 - Resolution for a Vesting Tentative Map, 6. ATT 5 - Resolution for Vacation of Easements, 7. ATT 6 - Resolution for Lot C Option to Lease and Long-Term Ground Lease, 8. ATT 7 - North Bayshore Master Plan, 9. ATT 8 - Implementation Plan, 10. ATT 9 - Council Report Dated March 23, 2021, 11. ATT 10 - EPC Report Dated November 17, 2021, 12. ATT 11 - Council Report Dated December 14, 2021, 13. ATT 12 - EPC Report Dated May 3, 2023, 14. ATT 13 - EPC Public Comments, 15. ATT 14 - ZA Memo Dated May 10, 2023, 16. ATT 15 - Public Comment on Development Agreement, 17. ATT 16 - Community Outreach Summary, 18. ATT 17 - Affordable Housing Assessment, 19. ATT 18 - Master Plan Office Trip Cap, 20. ATT 19 - Multi-Modal Transportation Analysis, 21. ATT 20 - Inclusionary Housing Valuation Report, 22. ATT 21 - Fiscal Impact Analysis, 23. 20230613_Resolution 18809 Certifying the North Bayshore Master Plan, 24. 20230613_Resolution 18810 Approving Master Plan to Construct 7,000 Residential Units, 25. 20230613_Resolution 18811 Approving a Tentative Map to Create 58 New Parcels, 26. 20230613_Resolution 18812 Ordering Vacation of Public Street Within the Norh Bayshore Plan, 27. 20230613_Resolutions 18813 and S-172 Jointly Authorizing Lease with Google LLC
Google North Bayshore Master Plan
1. Adopt a Resolution of the City Council of the City of Mountain View Certifying the North Bayshore Master Plan Subsequent Environmental Impact Report, Adopting California Environmental Quality Act Findings Related to Environmental Impacts, Mitigation Measures, and Alternatives, and Adopting a Statement of Overriding Considerations, Mitigation Measures, and a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program, All in Accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act, to be read in title only, further reading waived (Attachment 1 to the Council report).

2. Introduce an Ordinance of the City of Mountain View Approving a Development Agreement between the City of Mountain View and Google LLC for the North Bayshore Master Plan Project Generally Located North of U.S. 101 Bounded by Charleston Road to the North, Stevens Creek to the East, Space Park Way to the South, and Huff Avenue to the West, on Portions of the Gateway Master Plan Area Located at the Northwest Corner of Shoreline Boulevard and the U.S. 101 Northbound On-Ramp, and Six Parcels Between San Antonio Road and Marine Way in the P(39) (North Bayshore) Precise Plan, and on a Portion of the Shoreline Amphitheatre Parcel North of Amphitheatre Parkway, Outside the North Bayshore Precise Plan Area, to be read in title only, further reading waived, and set a second reading for June 27, 2023 (Attachment 2 to the Council report).

3. Adopt a Resolution of the City Council of the City of Mountain View Approving a Master Plan to Construct Up to 7,000 Residential Units, 3.11 Million Square Feet of Office (Including 1.3 Million Square Feet of Bonus Floor Area as Net New Office), Approximately 14.8 Acres of Dedicated Public Park Land, Approximately 11.3 Acres of Privately Owned, Publicly Accessible Open Space, 233,990 Square Feet of Ground-Floor Retail, 55,000 Square Feet of Community Space, an Optional Private District Utilities System, and District Parking Garag...

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